Advanced Squad Leader accessories

The Dice Tower:  Any gamer knows that the dice can make or break a great plan. They can win you the game and cost you the game in the same turn. They have to be as random as possible. The essential accessory to do this besides great dice is the dice tower. These towers make the dice rolls fair. The noise of the dice clanking down to the bottom is the sound of a great night. There are thousands of variations of these pain bringers. Too many to carry in our store so down below you will see some links to some of the most common types from expensive to small, transportable and affordable. This first one is the one i have used for years in all forms of games from Advanced Squad Leader to Dungeons and Dragons.

Wooden Dice Tower



Best Value

Must Have


This item is the top of the line in Dice tower as far as i am concerned. It has lasted for years and never stops going no matter what size and how many dice you throw down the chute. For a little less expensive choice you can get the Dragon stone Dice tower.

Dragon Stone Dice tower



good value


This item is well made as well and will give tons of enjoyment. It is a little more customizable then the one above though. Which ever you get this is an investment in fun for years to come. The clank of dice tells everyone ther is some heavy gaming fun going on.