Dungeons and Dragons and RPG Accessories

At J and D hobbies our love of gaming and Dungeons and Dragons exceeds the size of our store. In an attempt to make your D & D experience  as fulfilling as possible ,at both home and in our store, Bill and I have  put together this list of accessories and items that you might need.

Dry Erase Play mat

Role playing dry erase playmat

This play mat is ideal for all RPG’s not just Dungeons and Dragons. It comes with 1 inch squares n one side and 29 rows f hexes on the other side. The entire thing is a dry erase surface and can be folded up and carried in its specially designed carrying case  wherever you go. This is invaluable for the mobile Game master and gamers alike. This  one of a kind item  will carry on for years and multiple realms and make all that gaming much more fun.

Dungeons and Dragons DM 5th edition screen reincarnated

Dungeon master Screen 5th edition

This Dungeon master screen is the ultimate accessory for the busy Dungeon master. Those random encounters come fast and furious in the dangerous realms where heroes quest. The denizens from those deep dark dungeons and dank countryside come to life easier with this DM screen The Dungeon master needs this screen for all the stats as well. It really is a great addition to your D and D accessories

SpellBook Cards

Have you ever been in the middle of an intense spell battle or trying to save your fighter in the group and you have to call time out while you go to the Player’s Handbook to check out what the spell does. These cards stop that from happening. Whether you are a cleric, wizard or dungeon master these space saving cards are amazing.

Cleric Spell Cards


overall rating 10/10

Must Have

There are several versions of these cards for all the classes in Dungeons and Dragons. Click on the links above and do some searching.Some are more durable than others. Some are slightly larger etc. But they are all good. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons a long time and these are fantastic player aids and they will enhance your game immensely.