Yu-Gi-Oh Accessories

Yu-Gi-Oh is becoming more and more popular. The game play is fast and fun. With all the games being played out there, some of the cards are getting worn out. This is where these accessories come into play, the card sleeve. Like I had a written in a previous post the card sleeve is one of the most unglamorous parts of any card game but it is an absolute necessity. Its like the furnace in your house. With that in mind here are some card sleeves designed for Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They are the correct size and shape as well as durable.

Yu-Gi-Oh card sleeves

Yu-Gi-Oh card sleeves various colors


overall rating 10/10

must have

These card sleeves come 60 too a pack and are durable easy to shuffle and they protect your valuable cards so y ou can put out that killer deck. They are a must have for the serious card player and collector. Just click on the link above and go searching. The black sleeves are pictured but they have all the colors you need.

Yu-Gi-Oh Play mat

Yu-Gi-Oh can be a confusing game. You need to keep all those creatures in the right areas etc. This Egyptian style playmat is the best way to do it. It is made of durable rubber and rolls out to give you a great looking play surface for both players.

Competition yu-gi-oh playmat

You Can also get other playmats as well if Egyptian is not your style.


No matter what you choose a Yu-Gi-oh game looks much better on a playmat. It also protects your cards and helps you keep track of which monster/ spell or trap is summoned and how. Click on the pictures above to get a first hand view of all the colorful play mats available to liven up your yu-gi-oh game

Yu-Gi-Oh life point counter


overall rating 10/10

playability 10/10

absolute necessity

How many times are you involved in a Yu-gi-oh match and have to figure out 3800-1750 after an attack. Then add 400 afterwards. It can get confusing. That’s where this device comes in. Keep track of both you and your opponent’s life points quickly and easily. This will make your games go quicker and be more enjoyable. Its almost a must have.