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J and D Hobbies
600 Broadway
Massapequa NY 11758

Hello everybody and welcome to J and D Hobbies. Come on down and check us out. We have dozens of games to try and hundreds for sale. We have all the collectible card games you can learn. Do you want to learn how to hunt for treasure in a dungeon, fight on the Eastern Front in World War 2 or capture pocket monsters we can show you how.

Don’t forget about our Retro Video Games and all our Collectible Card Games. Come on down and explore all the worlds we contain within our store.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to J and D Hobbies

  1. I just found you ASL youtube video selection. Is there an order that the videos can be watched in for learning ASL the best way? Thank you

    1. Hi. sorry it tookso long to getback to you . I thought I did but I missed it. There is no real order per se however the earlier cover the basic topics of infantry/ vehicle movement IFT etc. and also the to hit and to kill process. Eventually after all the basics were covered I started to cover more in depth stuff. The game play video of pavlovs house is a rough demarcation where the basics ended and the requests strted. If there is anything you want me to cover just send me a note. take care and thanks for watching my videos. I hope they are helping you get into and enjoy this awesome game. Just finishe raffs rules last night. Great scenario!!!

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