Traveller Role Playing Game

Traveller the Role Playing game has been around for over 40 years. With Mongoose publishing latest version of this great game it has come of age. The graphics are awesome, the game play is sleek, The character generation is streamlined and the adventures are fun to play. Below you will find a list of what we have in stock as well as a description of each of the products. For those of you who are too far away to come down to J and D Hobbies to try this game and buy it from us, feel free to use the links attached to the descriptions to get your games through amazon. Either way you are entering a science fiction role playing game that will give you years of fun.

traveller starter kit

This great set comes with soft bound abridged versions of the rule book and character creation and a starting adventure to get your players right into the game. The starter set is a starter set in name only, It actually has a lot of material in it and will give hundreds of hours of fun.

Traveller Starter set contents

Amazon retail price $69.99

Traveller Starter Set

Play Rating 10/10

overall value 10/10

The starter set is just that a starter set all be it an awesome one. If you really start to like this game, and you will, you will want to get the follow up books. The first one you need is the core rule book. This book is a great publication. The character generation is clear and succinct and results in a character brought to life by two six sided dice. The game play is quick and fun. The book itself is well written and printed. Very easy to read and understand.

Traveller Core Rulebook


Overall rating 10/10

Must Have

first page of marine character creation

Here is a sample of the clear/ concise character construction presented in the core rule book. In addition to the core rule book the next most important thing is the Traveller Referee’s screen.

Game master screen

Amazon link

Rating 10/10

absolute necessity

This screen is oversized and in clear print which makes it an absolute pleasure to use in the throes of a game. Between this and the rule book your game and group of adventurers are ready to enter the far future.

oversized Game master screen

The core rule book gives you everything you need to get started but to really enter the Traveller Universe you have to get the supplemental books. The first one that I recommend is the Central supply catalog. This great looking tome gives you everything you need to really bring your character to life and to keep him/her alive ine the dangers of space and strange new worlds.

Central Supply Catalog

Amazon link

Retail Price 49.95

Rating 9/10

Not absolutely necessary to play but definitely worth it

Replay value 11/10

This great book can give your characters everything from high tech weapons to futuristic Fidget spinners to pass away the time in jump space. Every important statistic for every item is presented so that play is quick and seamless. We have provided a link above to get this great book or stop down at J and D hobbies in Massapequa. Join the traveler Universe in style with the Central supply catalog. Now that you have all these great toys you need new ships to carry all your stuff. This is where High Guard steps in. This great looking book details all sorts of ships from 100 tons to hundreds of thousands of tons, Both military and civilian. If you cannot find the ship you want in that list it also provides the tools needed to make your own ship. I did this a few times to get the hang of it and it actually wrks pretty well and rendered great results.

High Guard

Amazon Link

retail Price 49.95

rating 10/10

Almost absolutely necessary

playability 10/10

This book adds a whole new dimension to your Traveller campaigns. It opens up the world for military, mercenary and larger trade adventures and adventures into deep space. Do not miss out on the extra dimension to the Traveller world. Like always you can link to the product above or you can come on down to J and D hobbies and pick up a copy.