Family Games

At  J and D Hobbies Family games are a class of games that appeal to a broad range of people of any age. Whether you are 5 or 85 you can find a game here for you and your family and friends.

Carcassone the Big box

Carcassone is a fantastic game for the entire family. By using your meeples ( little wooden people) to take over roads, build cities and farm you gain points. The fun part to this game is that you are never out of it. At the end of the game anyone can be the  winner. The starter set itself costs 35 dollars and each expansion could be anywhere from 15-20 dollars. In the Big box set you get the original game plus 11 expansions to the game. You are getting a lot of play value for the money with the Carcassone Big Box. Come down to J and D hobbies and rent the original carcassone for 2 dollars and play it through. If you like it and want to buy either the original or the big box set you get your 2 dollars back off the price. We also have a lot of experience with this game and can help you get started.  Come on down while we have them in stock.