Traveller: Science fiction role play meets the 21st Century

traveler sci fi role play in the distant future

When I was a teenager the rage of the role playing world was Dungeons and Dragons. But not everyone was into slaying goblins and dragons. Some of us wanted to fly through the stars and meet “new life and new civilizations” to borrow a phrase from my favorite show. Marc Miller created Traveller for guys like me. It was fun, exciting and adventurous. It was also a challenge. If you took the time you could create entire worlds to explore and ancient civilizations to find. There were also many stand alone games simulating space combat and personal combat. The possibilities were endless. Now all this magical science and role play has met the 21st century.

Its graphics are updated and user friendly. Its rules have been updated and now are very easy to follow. Using just 2 six sided dice you can create and explore the universe. This gem has come into its own in mongoose publishing’s edition. I anxiously opened up the starter set for Traveller and was pleasantly surprised.

Traveller Starter set contents

This beauty is a starter set in name only. The rulebooks inside are of the highest quality with great easy to follow graphics. It comes with 3 books to “introduce you to traveler” but they are a complete game onto themselves and will give hundreds of hours of fun to an adventure group. My only complaint is that there is not a blank character sheet that I could find but you can get that easily from Mongoosepublihing web site along with a lot of free printouts of ship diagrams etc. That you can use in your game. For further info about this game go to our new web page. We stock the entire available line right now and more is on the way. This game is so good we are going to dedicate and entire page to it in our web site. Perhaps even it s own site soon.

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