Traveller update/ Great Fun in Space

A quick update for all our fans and customers at J and D hobbies. We have been playing Traveller in the store and have had three excitement filled sessions. I have been playing role playing games for 30 years and have played almost all the variations of this great game. This present iteration by mongoose publishing is clean/ crisp and easy to follow. The character creation is streamlined and really brings your heroes to life.

Traveller Core Rulebook

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Overall value 10/10

Replay value 10/10

Highly recommended

This game is a lot of fun and it has various levels of depth for the casual player all the way to the hard core science fiction fan and everywhere inĀ  between. So if you want to come down to the store and try your hand in a scout ship or if you use the links above to get started don’t miss out on this great game. Also don’t for get to check out our Traveller page for all the latest additions and reviews of all the products.

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